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LanMesh Health Care Mobile App web and mobile app based system that supports multi media such as audio, video, images, location-based data etc. LanMesh Health Care Mobile App’s front-end provides data and media capture through a dynamically configurable workflow interface. While back-end provides an intuitive user administration interface for the organization of medical media. LanMesh Health Care Mobile App was built to be integrated with other commonly used medical record systems for high compatibility and seamless integration, gained through the modularity and interoperation of system architecture.

LanMesh Health Care Mobile Append-to-end solution includes: 

  • Mobile Application: End user is able to use the mobile application browse their patients’ cases stored on remote server. The interface where a health care worker can document patient information through text, images, and GPS location, and upload the medical data to LanMesh Health Care Mobile App's server. 
  • Dispatch Server:  The Dispatch Server responsible for communication to and from smart phones.  The controller layer between Android client and the Central Record  system. The Dispatch Server also glue LanMesh Health Care Mobile App to other mobile devices and central record system.
  • Mobile App Module: A plug-in that allows urban-area specialists to receive patient cases uploaded from a smartphone to the LanMesh Health Care Mobile App's Dispatch Server. The Module creates a queue of patient cases in need of review and allows for text or e-mail messaging for specialists to send instructions to healthcare workers.

·         Central records system:  The central records system runs on the remote cloud based server. It also process queue of pending diagnoses, allow data such as images associated with a patient record.

  • Patient Assessment: Disease-targeted patient assessment questionnaires in collaboration with a network of doctors through extensive pilots. These assessment questionnaires showcase the potential impact for field health professionals.
  • Media Viewer Module:  The Media Viewer allows healthcare providers to view and manipulate patient images with contrast, zoom, brightness, and sharpness, in addition to playing audio and video media files. The Media Viewer is modular in design and can be used outside of LanMesh Health Care Mobile App's remote medical diagnostics applications.

Some of the other key features LanMesh Health Care Mobile App:

·         Built-in training and workflow solution at the mobile device level can be used to train local nurses and health workers..

·         Open source foundation to encourage re-use of the solutions being developed.

·         Expert-labeled database that contains quality auditing and cost controls, rapid search and review, and a training set for automated classification of images, audio and video.·      

·         Data transfer is algorithmically controlled to ensure reliable uploads even in poor coverage areas.   LanMesh Health Care Mobile App has the ability to transfer data using a number of interfaces, including 3G, LTE, WiFi, SMS, and USB tether. Different interfaces are used for different things. For example, images and sounds must be transferred on either 3G, LTE, WiFi, or USB tether, but the text of a filled out Procedure can be sent back via SMS. The diagnosis/response from a physician that is sent back to the phone is sent via SMS. This is done for several reasons, such as the fact that if the phone is outside of the coverage area, the cellular network operator will take it upon itself to deliver the SMS notification as soon as the phone reenters service area.



LanMesh Health Care Mobile App is a turnkey solution that can be added to existing records systems deployments.  Doctors also have the ability to build unique procedures for nurses and organizations to use. These procedures allow for a high-degree of customization. They also allow branching (to show different questions and/or results based on previous selections). This allows physicians to make their own decision tree diagnosis utilities that run on the phone and do not need remote doctor review.





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