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We provide customized software solution in the field of Industry Control, Logistic Management, Smart Phone for Industry Application with full life cycle and instant customer support

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Rapid Software Delivery with Turn Key Solution


We realize that time is money and in a fast-changing marketwe want nothing more than for you to launch your services/products as quicklyas possible. We uses a sophisticated design & development process thatallows its business customers to deploy the customized software solutionexpeditiously and in time manner with quality you expected.

Customized Software to implement Secure Wireless Smart Grid Network


Some existing Wireless Grid Network standard e.g. 6LowPAN, Zigbee,IETF1451 are designed for common application with the vulnerable side effectdue to the  less consideration of security issue.  The industrial automation control industry require a substantial security to the network toeliminate the consequences of break-in of network

Some of the wireless grid networks are deployed for industry automation application. The industrial automation control industry requires a substantial security to the system to eliminate the consequences of break-in of network. The network must bedesigned with the care of security.   The automation control software and systems must be analysed and tested in line with your real specific environments and needs independently before they are deployed, in order toreach the utmost reliability during the plant operation.

However, most of existing grid network standard use static keywithout key management option. Those Wireless Grid Network without extensivesecurity consideration are not difficult to be comprised using easy findavailable tools. To protect the privacy of sensor data among safety-criticalwireless grid network from malicious attack, eavesdropping and deny of service,proprietary embedded secure grid network is an option.

LanMesh Wireless offer customized mesh network software componentsor turn key solution to meet the needs of your business, in a simple, flexible,fast and cost-efficient way.

We makes it possible to deliver customized encryption algorithm implementation using LanMesh Embedded Crypto  Library to adapt toresourced constrained embedded hardware.  The selected security symmetrical algorithms including AES, RC5, RC2, TEA, blowfish, etc,asymmetrical including Diffie-Hellman, etc and wireless  MicroTESLA implementation.  We deliver tested, proven embedded crypto software to integrate into your product.





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